Outstanding Features of Kundan Jewellery

Published: 08th February 2011
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The matchless kundan jewellery found its origin in the early Mughal period. This incomparable work of excellent craftsmanship was first initiated in Delhi but later on shifted to Jaipur in Rajasthan. Today the city is renowned with the master piece designs crafted by the kundan jewellers.

Amazing Characteristic Features of Kundan Jewellery

Unlike the ordinary jewelleries crafted in India, the kundan jewellery is unique as it requires skilled craftsman to design this jewellery. Mainly set in gold and silver, the speciality of the jewellery lies in the precision of setting the precious stones in gold. Known to be worn by the royal families, this jewellery was done in heavy designs and intricate patterns in the earlier days.

Today, the fame of kundan jewellery still remains intact with a unique blend of contemporary designs and ancient styles. One of the most important features that set this jewellery apart from the other Indian jewellery is the process of making this jewellery. Each craftsman is engaged in different processes which ultimately results in the formation of an excellent master piece.

Setting the precious stones in gold is quite a task and it requires skill and experience. A natural resin called lac is used as the core of the jewellery. Precious stones like emerald, topaz, jade and sapphire are placed in the holes cut for these stones. The gems are then covered with refined gold and enamelled.

Most Renowned Jewellery in the World

The Indian kundan jewellery is known world wide for its aesthetic beauty and distinctive designs. The intricate patterns found on the jewellery are bound to leave any person mesmerised.

Quite an amazing variety of ornaments including necklaces, earrings, bangles, chokers, anklets and so forth can be found among this jewellery. As it is available in gold, silver and copper, it tends to suit any bridal outfit including sarees and lehenga cholis. Since years the Indian brides have loved to adorn the kundan jewellery on their special day because it is considered an epitome of Indian cultural values and matchless beauty.

The jewellery is preferred by most of the brides as it blends well with the heavily embroidered or designed wedding outfits worn by them. The kundan jewellery is known to enhance the beauty of any woman who wears it.

In addition to being considered as an important bridal accessory, this jewellery is also popular as fashion jewellery with different designs and patterns made available to people at affordable rates. These jewelleries are also made available in the online stores at realistic rates. The elaborate pattern found on the kundan jewellery is another major reason why this particular Indian jewellery has won acclaim even in the international markets.

The traditional jewellery included stones of red and green color which complimented well with the traditional bridal wear. However, nowadays a huge variety of colors and designs can be obtained at reasonable rates from the business portals. Regardless of different colors and designs, the kundan jewellery still reigns to be an ultimate piece of jewellery that exudes elegance and opulence.

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